What this Bond Will Fund:

Evaluate & Update Facilities Master Plan

• Johnston Community College serves more than 15,000 students each year in its curriculum and continuing education programs. Since 2009, JCC’s enrollment has grown 26 percent.
• As a result of recent enrollment growth, building priorities have changed. Many of JCC’s health sciences and technology programs are at enrollment capacity. Funds are needed to reevaluate priorities to determine future infrastructure and facility needs.

Renovate Classrooms

• The facilities needed for JCC to meet enrollment growth and to start new programs for the next five years is estimated to be more than $80 million.
• Specific renovation/construction needs include a simulation hospital, Tart Building improvements, and student life facilities.

Enhance Parking & Other Upgrades

• The amount of traffic as a result of enrollment growth is requiring additional and more efficient use of parking. Existing parking lots need refurbishing.
• Specific infrastructure needs include replacing aging roofs, installing information technology delivery systems, and realigning entryways in support of better traffic flow.


On November 5th remember to “Check It Twice” for the future of our children.

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