Johnston Community College Needs your Support on November 5th

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Johnston Community College serves more than 15,000 students each year in its curriculum and continuing education programs.

At JCC, we pride ourselves on our 44-year history of educational success. Whether it’s earning an associate’s degree, a GED, or transferring from JCC to a four-year college or university, we strive to help our students find their path to a brighter future.

Our mission is to provide accessible, high-quality educational and community enrichment opportunities for the successful development of learners. In order for us to achieve that mission, we must be proactive in planning for the future.

Johnston County is expected to grow in population by 48 percent by the year 2032.  The college currently has significant infrastructure needs which will only grow over time.

The bond issue on the November ballot will provide $7 million dollars for Johnston Community College and $57 million for the public schools of Johnston County. Our portion of the money would be used for three main priorities – to evaluate and update our facilities master plan, to modernize buildings and enhance parking on campus, and to renovate classrooms to provide a 21st century educational experience.

JCC and Johnston County Schools enjoy an outstanding educational partnership. Together, we work hard to provide seamless pathways for students to transition from the public schools to higher education.

On November 5, I encourage you to support us both by voting yes twice in support of the future of education in Johnston County.

Dr. David Johnson
President, Johnston Community College


On November 5th remember to “Check It Twice” for the future of our children.

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