Johnston County faces a critical School Bond Referendum Vote on November 5, 2013.

   In order to pass this referendum, we will need all citizens of Johnston County to work together hand in hand. This bond will provide $57 million for Johnston County Schools and $7 million for Johnston Community College.

The county is expected to nearly double in population over the next 20 years, which means we need to continue to expand our educational infrastructure.

Johnston County Schools currently has an enrollment of nearly 34,000 and remains the second fastest growing district in the state. Each year its student population increases by almost 700 students, and the passing of this bond will fund the construction of two much needed new schools to house those students.

Johnston Community College serves more than 15,000 students and has significant infrastructure needs that will only grow over time. The college’s portion of the bond will help pay for an update of the Facilities Master Plan and modernize buildings, enhance parking on campus, and fund the renovation of classrooms to create a 21st century learning experience.

A detailed explanation of the bond can be found in the accompanying video.

On November 5th remember to “Check It Twice” for the future of our children.

Citizens Committee For Better Schools

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